Life is too short to wear boring jewelry!
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    The Fantasy World of Athens Instagrammer @marion_toy

    To view more photos and videos from Mári’s #mariontoy series, follow @marion_toy on Instagram.

    Athens Instagrammer Mári Dimitrouli’s (@marion_toy) creative portrait series had unexpected beginnings: “It all began with a skirt and a grater,” she explains. Mári bought a new skirt and wanted to show it to her friends in a unique way. “I searched my house to find something that would match the skirt. My cheese grater became the perfect clutch bag. I uploaded the photo to my Instagram account, starting the Marion Toy (#mariontoy) series without even knowing it at the time.”

    Mári creates every element of her portraits herself: the concept, art direction, photos, posing, hair and makeup. “I visit toy shops, vintage shops, common markets—anywhere my instinct guides me to find the right object to match my shot. It actually became an entertaining obsession!” When Mári couldn’t find the right prop, she started making them herself. “After a while I started making paper constructions of the props I wanted. It turns out a flamingo head is not an easy thing to find!”

    LOVE THE SHOOT!!!!! 

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